Choosing the Right Car Sales Professional in OLIVE BRANCH, MS

Choosing the Right Car Sales Professional

Robert Moy's Blog | Choosing the Right Car Sales Professional

Why should I buy a car from you?

For many people, buying a car is one of the biggest purchases they’ll ever make. Oftentimes, our cars are an expression of who we are. They reflect our personalities, get us to and from work and get our kids to and from school. They take us on family vacations and so much more.

Choosing the right car for you is one decision you have to make as well as from whom to get it. Most salespeople will tell you you should choose them because of the price, service, or selection. In the car business, you can get this on any dealer’s lot.

  • The low price in the car business is relative. All vehicles are priced based on supply and demand in the marketplace. So, you could get a very similar price no matter where you shop.
  • You should expect good service. It should not be a selling feature of a dealership. Providing good service should be a requirement, not a bonus. You want to do business with a dealership that goes above and beyond to earn your business. You want a sales professional that knows his/her stuff and is in it to guarantee you the best car buying experience every single time.
  • Selection is another common answer. The power of selection is relative to the car business. Almost every large size dealer visits the auction at least once per week. A dealer or sales professional should be able to find any vehicle you want within a matter of days. If you are struggling to find the right car for you, inquire about cars that are not on the lot.


You should buy a car from someone who can give you a quick and honest answer to this question… someone who actually provides amazing customer service to you.

I do all those things as well as making your car purchase a fun buying experience. I will treat you with respect by listening to what you need and then moving mountains to help you solve the problems you may have to get you in the car of your dreams.

Contact me when you are ready to have a great car buying experience!

Thank you for visiting my website. Let me help you find the perfect vehicle. Contact me if you have questions.


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