Top 3 Car Maintenance Jobs That Are Worth the Money in OLIVE BRANCH, MS

Top 3 Car Maintenance Jobs That Are Worth the Money

Robert Moy's Blog | Top 3 Car Maintenance Jobs That Are Worth the Money

There are so many moving parts under the hood of our cars. It is easy to get overwhelmed with lots of questions and concerns when it comes to prioritizing your car maintenance. If you are on a budget, which most of us are, you must decide which maintenance issues need to be addressed and which ones can be put off for a while. You need to know when to spend the money and when you can cut some corners. Here are 3 car maintenance expenses that I feel are worth spending the money.

  • Oil Changes – Keeping your car’s oil clean is critical in its overall function. Clean oil helps lubricate your engine as well as removes sludge and dirt particles that can be deadly to your engine. Clean oil helps reduce friction and thus reduces the likelihood of overheating of the engine. Keeping your oil changed on a regular schedule promotes vehicle longevity and improves gas mileage.
  • Tire Rotation – Your car’s tires wear unevenly over time. That is a normal issue with all tires. If your car is out of alignment or your tires have incorrect air pressure in them, the wear and tear on them can be worse. Keep your tires rotated on a regular schedule so that they wear more uniformly. This will help your car have a smoother ride, more balanced handling, increased traction, and more effective braking. Regular tire rotation also improves gas mileage and helps your tires last longer.
  • Brake Pad Replacement – The average life of brake pads is around 50,000 miles. Some can go longer while some give out faster. It depends on the particular pad and the particular driver. If you notice squealing or screeching noises when you are braking, it is definitely important that you get the brake pads inspected. Driving and braking too long on worn pads can cause brake discs and calipers to make contact and produce a “metal on metal” sound which can damage your rotors. This can very quickly cause further damage to your vehicle and eat away at your pocketbook.


You can pinch your pennies while at the same time take care of your most important car maintenance issues. Having a trusted technician look at your vehicle on a regular basis is a great way to start good service habits. Familiarize yourself with your car’s manual and find that trusted serviceman so that you can keep your car running in the best condition and help hold a high resell value.


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