Maintenance Tips That Will Extend the Life of your Car in OLIVE BRANCH, MS

Maintenance Tips That Will Extend the Life of your Car

Robert Moy's Blog | Maintenance Tips That Will Extend the Life of your Car

You may have just bought the car of your dreams, or if you may be actively looking for it. Either way, once it is in your driveway, I know you will want to treat it like a baby. These tips will help you extend the life of your new car.

  • During the first 1,000 miles, make sure you drive within normal posted speed limits and don’t let your car idle for long periods. The oil pressure generated by extensive idling may not send oil to every part of your engine.
  • Avoid racing your car’s engine when you start it up. Accelerate slowly as you start to drive.
  • Only put gas in your tank that is recommended by the automaker. Make sure you buy your gas at a reputable fuel station.
  • Park under some type of shelter. Find a garage or other shelter where you can park your car. This is a great way to maintain the beautiful finish of your car’s exterior. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can break down your car’s paint and it will begin to fade over time. You can also avoid UV sunlight damage to the interior of your car as well as keeping the temperature inside your car cooler.
  • Keep the interior of your car clean. Every time you leave your car, make sure you pick up any garbage and toss it. Vacuum and wipe down surfaces inside when you clean the outside. Dirt particles can be abrasive and will scratch interior surfaces like leather and even floor mats. Clean up spills as soon as they happen so you avoid any corrosion or stains.

Following these helpful tips will not only help your car last as long as it can, but it will ensure that it performs in its top condition.

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