Vehicle Safety Tips for Your Summer Vacation in OLIVE BRANCH, MS

Vehicle Safety Tips for Your Summer Vacation

Robert Moy's Blog | Vehicle Safety Tips for Your Summer Vacation

The highways, parking lots, restaurants, stores and theme parks are full of busy road trippers this summer. Most everyone is in a frenzy trying to get to that most popular sunny destination spot so that they can spend some quality vacation time with family and friends.


Did you notice that I said “most”? Some are out hoping to capitalize on you being too distracted to notice if things go missing. Just by taking a few precautions, you can make sure you arrive safely to your destination and back home.


  • Stay focused - As you are bustling around, popping in and out of your car, make sure you are always aware of your surroundings. Stay off your phone and walk with purpose to your destination.
  • Hide the goods – If “retail therapy” is on your to-do list, don’t leave your packages, phones, electronic devices, or other valuables in plain sight. Always load your treasures into the trunk of your car. Check all seats, floor, and dashboard before you exit your vehicle to make sure there is nothing to entice criminals. Lock all your items in the trunk or somewhere to stash them out of sight. If possible, take your packages directly home.
  • Walk quickly to and from your car - Have your keys already in your hand before you exit a building and reach your car. Check the back seat, around and under before getting inside your car. Lock your doors as soon as you enter your vehicle.
  • Lock it up - This may sound a little obvious, but police officials say that many car break-ins are purely the result of unlocked cars. Thieves roam parking lots trying to lift door handles in hopes that they get lucky. Double check to make sure you close the windows and lock all the doors before leaving your car. Don’t forget the sunroof.
  • Prioritize your parking spot - Find an open parking spot that is closest to the entrance of the store you are visiting. If it is dark, try to get underneath a light. Make a note of any nearby signs, lights, landmarks or poles to make it sure you find your way back to your car with ease. Try to avoid parking next to large vehicles that can give privacy to a thief.


By being a little cautious and prepared you can have a successful summer vacation experience and make memories that will last a lifetime!

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